Orchestra Recordings

The London Philharmonic Orchestra

This was an extremely exciting project with Sir Charles MacKerras who was an authority on Dvorak. He really whipped up some energy during the recording. We did this in Henry Wood Hall. The symphony is a joy to play with so many beautiful melodies. The Symphonic Variations is a terrific work and. is usually overlooked. Once again full of great clarinet tunes.

The Philharmonia

On a very hot day in summer at Abbey Road Studio 1, we had the pleasure of listening to the soprano Olga Trifonova singing like a bird high above the orchestra in The Nightingale. Robert Craft, who worked closely with Stravinsky, brought a touch of authenticity to the performance. Lee Stephenson was on 2nd and Eb. 

BBC Symphony Orchestra

I always enjoyed working with Sir Andrew Davis. I had earlier toured America with the orchestra and played Elgar 1 and Tippett 2 with him. His interpretations of British music are for me second to none. We recorded this in St Augustine's Church in North London. A massive church for a massive work.

BBC Concert Orchestra

I am a big fan of Walton and his Violin Concerto is a great work with an interesting clarinet part. The Bliss too is a great concerto with a superb clarinet part. We recorded this in the vast Watford Coliseum. 

The Abbey Road Enemble

The arrangements by Jonathan Tunick are wonderful. Some lovely litttle tunes to play. The wind section for this album was top class. I was humbled to be the straight player sitting in the middle of the best jazz players and doublers in London. Abbey Road Studio 2 was the venue.

I Solisti Veneti

The Birds and the Three Botticelli Pictures are small masterpieces. Claudio brings wonderful energy to these pieces. I remember the 1st oboe had broken his leg and had to sit through the sessions next to me with his foot on a chair.

I Solisti Veneti

Sir James Galway was on amazing form. These concertos are some of the most technically demanding works ever written for flute. We also performed them around Italy and Jimmy had the audiences eating out of his hand.

I Solisti Veneti

An operatic Stabat Mater full of good tunes and the superb singing of Cecilia Gasdia.






Hallé Orchestra

A month of rehearsals and nearly three weeks of performances in Salzburg culminated with this recording. One of the most physically and mentally challenging works I have ever played. I had a section of seven, which was a record for me.

Ian Scott, Alan Haydock, Jo Patton, Val Stark,  Liz Caton,  Jim Muirhead and Alan Andrews.

Kent Nagano was in his element. Nobody could have done a better job.



Hallé Orchestra

Very nice to share a CD with The Cleveland Orchestra. Lollapalooza is a riot with infectious jazzy rhythms. We recorded this in The Bridgewater Hall and the acoustic of the hall makes this a very vibrant recording.

Hallé Orchestra

A stellar cast of singers and the magical acoustic of The Bridgewater Hall Manchester again. Kent Nagano in total control. I think the band sound excellent.

Hallé Orchestra

A privilege to share a platform with Bashmet and Kremer.

The National Symphony Orchestra

I played with this band for over twenty years but recorded very little with them.  This is one of my favourite shows. I think it was the first Broadway show I ever played.

The Orchestra of The Royal Opera House Covent Garden

I was called in at the last minute for this. I had one small rehearsal and then straight into a live performance/recording. I didn't even know it was being recorded until I asked why there were so many microphones in the pit. Of course there had to be clarinet cadenza two pages in.

The BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

The orchestra where I first started out sitting next to my teacher Henry Morrison. It was strange to be sitting in his chair ten years later.

The Gulbenkian Orchestra

When I first joined the orchestra we toured India and China with Sequera Costa playing Beethoven's 1st Piano Concerto. We recorded the Schumann in the Main Hall of the Gulbenkian Foundation Lisbon. The two smaller works are well worth listening to.